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DAMIÁN MARCELO GONZALEZ damian.gonzalez at mi.unc.edu.ar
Mon Sep 11 12:21:39 EDT 2023

Hi everyone, nice to e-meet for now,

My name's Damian. I thaught myself to write code at around 2011. Prefered
scripting language: Ruby. I've been working in the localization industry
for about 6 years as a Software Developer. I'm currently a Computer
Engineering student at the FCEFyN UNC, I'm in my 4th year. I grow bored of
writing high level stuff and moved towards the low level stuff since a
couple of years. Among my collabs in the open source world, I wrote in C a
small library to read XLSX files, and made a port to Ruby through FFI
bindings. Be free to check these and other projects I made:

My interest in the Linux world (and GNU) started pretty recently, at the
start of this year. I read a couple of iconic books about the subject (the
ones from Linus and Stallman included), and I'm making a slow transition
from the unmentionable (the one that starts with W) to a linux distro. I've
a low spec laptop running Puppy Linux x32, but I fear it's not going to be
enough for creating virtual machines. I believe I'll run a linux distro
from a pendrive on my newest laptop, or use the unmentionable for now.
Please let me know if you have insight about what should be useful for the

About the book, I'm going to have to rush on it since Wednesday night 'till
the start of the workshop because I've a test on Wednesday. Fortunately for
me, the test subject is about coding in C an LCP1769 microcontroller using
ARM infrastructure, so it's somehow related I believe.



El lun, 11 sept 2023 a las 12:50, Rodrigo Alejandro Melo (<
rodrigomelo9 at gmail.com>) escribió:

> Ok, I got it. Thanks
> El lun, 11 sept 2023 a las 12:12, Javier Jorge (<javierbrk at gmail.com>)
> escribió:
>> The idea is to get the students a little more up to speed, so that we
>> might be more productive.  The book is fairly outdated (many interfaces
>> changed) the best documentation is the kernel itself, but most of the
>> concepts explained are still in use.
>> Saludos
>> Ing. Javier Alejandro Jorge
>> On Mon, 11 Sept 2023 at 08:18, Rodrigo Alejandro Melo <
>> rodrigomelo9 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Already downloaded and I'm reading it, thanks!
>>> I have had this book in my TODO for a while, but concerned about the
>>> fact is based on Kernels 2.6. Is updated enough? Is the most updated
>>> alternative? Other chapters are not particularly useful for this workshop
>>> or are those not valid anymore with the current 6.5 Kernel?
>>> Regards,
>>> Rodrigo
>>> El vie, 8 sept 2023 a las 23:42, Javier Alejandro JORGE (<
>>> javier.jorge at unc.edu.ar>) escribió:
>>>> *Recuerde que es necesario leer varios capítulos antes del taller. Esto
>>>> nos permitirá a todos sacar el mayor provecho del mismo. *
>>>> *https://lwn.net/Kernel/LDD3/ <https://lwn.net/Kernel/LDD3/>*
>>>> *Los capítulos mas interesantes son *
>>>> * Chapter 2: Building and Running Modules Chapter 9: Communicating with
>>>> Hardware Chapter 10: Interrupt Handling Chapter 12: PCI Drivers*
>>>> * and for anyone not bored yet*
>>>> * Chapter 15: Memory Mapping and DMA*
>>>> Saludos
>>>> Javier
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