[Lkw] Final rollup of all materials

Rodrigo Alejandro Melo rodrigomelo9 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 10:29:26 EDT 2023

Hi Christoph,

Thanks a lot for the material, and for your excellent willingness to come
and provide us with a workshop!


El jue, 21 sept 2023 a las 7:36, Christoph Hellwig (<hch at lst.de>) escribió:

> Hello,
> thank you so much for attending, and thank you so much for the mate
> and the noticebook!
> I've uploaded all materials in a tarball here:
>    http://verein.lst.de/~hch/jrsl-lkw-2023.tgz
> This includes all the markdown files with the instructions, the
> script to run the VM, the sample patches for all steps, and the
> final version of the nvme-cmb.c file.  It incorporates all the
> fixes made during the workshop.
> I hope you enjoyed the workshop as much as I did.
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