[Lkw] Breaking the ice

Rodrigo Alejandro Melo rodrigomelo9 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 07:10:17 EDT 2023

Hi everyone, Rodrigo Melo here, one of the attendants at the workshop.
Somewhere, we were asked to introduce ourselves, but there are no threads
for that yet (at least not in English), so let's start.

I'm an Electronic Engineer, living in Buenos Aires but working remotely for
a company located in Cordoba (indie Semiconductor). I started with
GNU/Linux and FLOSS in general in 2005 (Debian Potato first, Debian Woody a
few weeks later). I have my own FOSS projects and I contributed to some
others, but mainly in the FPGA space, which is my area of expertise.
Because embedded Linux is an option with those devices, I did a course
about Kernel modules in 2015, so the idea is to refresh/update concepts and
who knows, maybe finally start contributing to Linux ;-)

Who's next? See you on Thursday!
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