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Javier Alejandro JORGE javier.jorge at unc.edu.ar
Mon Sep 11 11:28:29 EDT 2023

Hi ! ¡Thanks Rodrigo !
My name is Javier Jorge, I work at INTI and I am also a professor at UNC.
One of the topics I teach at unc is linux drivers. So this year I asked
Christoph if he would like to give a small motivational talk to the
students, but he replied that he could come and prepare a workshop. So ...
Here we are ! He also asked about a conference in the region to give a talk
and we found out that there were none. Somo of us have experience with
flisol and we were looking for an excuse to make a more technical free
software conference. So we also organized the conference on freedom
software day (16/09).
I feel so thankful with Christoph, because of him we all are here gathered
and renewing the free software wave by remakin JRSL.
 Just as a side note, I took a workshop with him in 2009

Hope to see you soon !

El lun, 11 sept 2023 a las 8:11, Rodrigo Alejandro Melo (<
rodrigomelo9 at gmail.com>) escribió:

> Hi everyone, Rodrigo Melo here, one of the attendants at the workshop.
> Somewhere, we were asked to introduce ourselves, but there are no threads
> for that yet (at least not in English), so let's start.
> I'm an Electronic Engineer, living in Buenos Aires but working remotely
> for a company located in Cordoba (indie Semiconductor). I started with
> GNU/Linux and FLOSS in general in 2005 (Debian Potato first, Debian Woody a
> few weeks later). I have my own FOSS projects and I contributed to some
> others, but mainly in the FPGA space, which is my area of expertise.
> Because embedded Linux is an option with those devices, I did a course
> about Kernel modules in 2015, so the idea is to refresh/update concepts and
> who knows, maybe finally start contributing to Linux ;-)
> Who's next? See you on Thursday!

Esp. Ing. Javier A. Jorge
Prof. Asistente
Métodos Numéricos
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